Gavin Boomer is a veteran of the US Navy who recently returned to the US after 5 years of Active Duty Service. During his time serving as Military Law Enforcement, he had many opportunities to work with MWDs (Military Working Dogs), handlers, and kennel masters. Gavin continues to serve as a reservist while training full time at Bold City K9.

Gavin first explored the world of sport dog training in 2013 while stationed in San Diego, CA and has learned under multiple nationally and internationally recognized dog trainers in various sports and venues.

Gavin has completed a 480 hour hands-on apprenticeship with Bold City K9, earning the Canine Training and Behavior Specialist certification. Throughout this training, he learned the ins and outs of canine learning theory, and how owner and training director, Courtney Bentley, approaches obedience training and reconditioning for mild to severe behavioral issues. He plans to attend several other apprenticeships and training certification courses over the next few years.

Gavin has trained in various protection sports, and plans to compete in APA (American Politiehund Association) with his next dog.