Puppies take time to develop and learn, but training should start the day they're brought home. Simple exercises can begin to shape your new dog, and teach them what is expected of them. Each experience, good or bad is a learning experience, and we're here to start you both off right. See the puppy training programs that we offer, below! For puppies up to 6 months of age.


Our Puppy Lesson Package includes;

  • 3 Private Training Sessions

  • Training Tips and Hands On Practice for;

    • Discouraging Unwanted Behaviors, Potty Training, Crate Training, Loose Leash Walking, Foundation to "Sit", Foundation to "Place", Foundation to Recall ("Come")

  • Discuss the Importance of;

    • Socialization, Veterinary Care, Routine, Exercise, Play, Relationship Building

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14 Day Puppy Board and Train

This program gives young puppies the strict daily routine that they need to succeed. We focus on getting them on a potty training, crate training, and feeding schedule, as well as adding in our calming techniques to begin building a peaceful, well-adjusted dog, and fundamental obedience skills. After their time with us, your puppy will come home in a much calmer state of mind. They will develop proper leash skills, be better prepared to deal with excitement or stress, and you will leave equipped to show more effective leadership.


  • 14 Day Board and Train
  • Learned Skills (on leash): Loose Leash Walking, Calmness with Distraction, and Foundation to Sit, Place, and Recall (Come)
  • Socials with Well Balanced Dogs
  • Training collar needed to follow up with this program
  • 1-2 hour Go Home Lesson
  • 1 follow up lesson, usually scheduled about a week after go home


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