Our mission is to set your dog up for success, and that is why we choose balanced training. You and your dog will receive the type of training needed to achieve your goals. We are well versed in a multitude of training methods to ensure that your dog is trained positively, fairly, and effectively.


What is balanced training?

At BCK9, not only do we believe in training reliable obedience skills (sit, down, come when called), but we, also, believe in training your dog to be more calm mentally, and to make better choices. Our balanced training methods build respect and trust, and you, as a dog owner, are effectively able to show leadership. We want to set you and your dog up with lasting relationship, and lasting results. 

When working with any animal there is a fine line between being assertive and being aggressive; creating respect vs fear. Unfortunately, both often yield the same physical results, but it’s the mental that suffers with the latter. Knowing the difference is what shows experience and makes an expert.
— Heather Beck, K9 Lifeline


Yes! We use All types of training collars! 

Head Halti, K9 Lifeline Transitional Leash, Prong collars, Starmark collars, Slip collars, E-collars and many more. These types of collars, when used correctly, create a clear line of communication with your dog. 

We truly have a passion for what we do, and have the education and experience to confidently offer some of the best training services in the industry.
— Courtney Bentley, Owner and Training Director