Now, from anywhere in the country, you can have access to quality training for your dog. Our certified trainers specialize in effective and ethical training practices that will get you the results you’ve been looking for, while addressing you and your dog as individuals. We will teach you to not only be a better team, but how to enhance your relationship, as well! No more wasting money on amateur trainers or uncultivated training methods. Bold City K9 confidently offers the best when it comes to training your dog. Please click here to read more about our credentials and experience.


  • One on one, personalized training with our owner, Courtney

  • Up to 4 virtual lessons per month via phone or Skype, for 3 months

  • Provides functional obedience skills for everyday life, better manners, and/or behavior modification for minor to severe issues

  • Learned behaviors typically include (but are not limited to); Crate, Sit, Down, Place, Stay, Heel, Come when Called, and No

  • Extinguish Problem Behaviors such as; Jumping, Barking, Chewing, Begging, Bolting, and Pulling on a Leash, and more!

  • Equipment package, mailed to your door ($250 value)

  • Unlimited email, and text support for the life of your dog

  • Coaching on proper Exercise, Nutrition, and Mental Stimulation

  • Tips for “Best Practices” as a dog owner