Boarding and Training is designed for convenience and success! This training option is preferred to give you the best results, significantly faster than it would take you to train your dog yourself. When your dog is trained by a professional, they learn with the highest quality of training and 100% consistency.

What sets our program apart from those offered by other trainers? 

  • Your dog will stay in the trainer’s home.

  • Our training process matters to us, not just the end result. We offer an individualized plan for your dog, and provide the most fair, effective, and up-to-date training techniques available. Click here to see our education and experience.

  • We focus on "REAL WORLD TRAINING", for effective results.

  • Skills are practiced at other locations around our community to generalize for more reliable training.

  • We offer an all inclusive program. Performance based boarding and training time, equipment, and unlimited follow up to ensure success- all for one price. No nickel and diming.

  • A portion of the cost of all programs booked go to K9s United to support law enforcement and their k9s.

You can rest assured that while they're away, your dog will be receiving the best care and education available. After training with us, your dog will have a clear understanding of what is expected of them, and you will be able to effectively show them leadership.

Doggie Bootcamp, Group Lessons, Dog Training

Programs are typically booked 30-90 days in advance

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Next available openings: July 20th, 2019

This program is IDEAL for owners that would like reliable obedience training (on and off leash), better manners at home or in public, and/or for dogs dealing with moderate to severe behavioral issues (reactivity, aggression, fear, or anxiety issues.) We begin with our simple calming techniques, using the leash and our body language to communicate with the dog. Then we layer on functional obedience skills to build the highest level of trust and communication to ensure reliable off leash training or to overcome serious problem behaviors. This program is performance based, so if your dog needs additional training time, it's included at no extra cost! We adjust our program to fit the dog's needs and personality instead of trying to make your dog fit into a specific program. (For dogs 5 months or older.)


  • 4+ weeks of Boarding and Training (performance based)

  • Provides Functional Obedience Skills for Everyday Life, Better Manners, and/or Behavior Modification for Minor to Severe Issues

  • Learned Behaviors: Crate, Sit, Down, Place, Stay, Heel, Come when Called, and No

  • Extinguish Problem Behaviors such as; Jumping, Barking, Chewing, Begging, Bolting, and Pulling on a Leash, and more!

  • Healthy Socialization with Well Balanced Dogs

  • Field Trips to Generalize Training

  • Equipment needed to follow up with this program

  • 1-2 hour Go Home Lesson

  • 2 In Home Follow Up Lessons*

  • Unlimited Follow Up Lessons at BCK9 for 3 months after your dog comes home

  • Unlimited Phone and Email support for the life of your dog



*In Home Follow Up Lessons available to clients within a 40 mile

radius of trainer’s location


For current or previous clients only, space is limited. Boarding that keeps current training maintained and refreshed, or continues the training that we've started. Play and exercise is included, too!