One on one lessons allow us to teach you and your dog to effectively communicate with each other. Together, you will learn how to take a positive leadership role, while working on specific behaviors that are important for you and your dog such as obedience and manners, or behavior modification (outlined below) for more severe cases. During your sessions, we will explain how to incorporate what you are teaching your dog into everyday life. This format can be customized to address the behaviors that are applicable to your life, spending as much or as little time as you need on any particular subject.

Behavior Modification (including Aggression Management) is when you take a systematic approach to changing a behavior. We apply scientifically proven techniques to recondition dogs, many of whom have been prescribed medications in an attempt to alleviate presenting behaviors. In some of our worst cases, owners have been told by other canine professionals that they should consider euthanasia. While some of our behavior modification protocols use obedience training techniques to help, we also look into why, when and what triggers the unwanted behavior and then come up with a customized plan of action to resolve the issue.

Aggression, Separation Anxiety, Jumping, Counter Surfing, Potty Training, Digging, Fear, Destructive Behaviors, Possessiveness, etc...

Extinguish Problem Behaviors such as; Jumping, Barking, Chewing, Begging, Bolting, and Pulling on a Leash, and more!




  • Learned Behaviors typically include, but are not limited to; Sit, Place, Stay, Sit at the Door, Heel

  • Addresses minor behavioral issues, or builds the foundation to address moderate issues

  • On Leash Skills Only


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  • Learned Behaviors typically include, but are not limited to; Sit, Down, Place, Stay, Sit at the Door, Come when Called, and Heel

  • Addresses minor to moderate behavioral issues

  • Off Leash Skills (for appropriate dogs)


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Severe behavioral issues and aggression are dealt with on a case by case basis. Please contact for more information




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